Associate Marriage and Family Therapist

Eunice Santizo

In our lives we go through seasons, in some seasons we struggle more and need that extra support. I am here to let you know that you do not need to go through this season alone. I can be here to listen and provide support in a safe space where you feel heard and validated without judgment, assisting in processing and exploring your emotions and current struggles.

I am an attachment-based integrative therapist. I like to be in-the-moment and my authentic self at all times, I am genuinely kind and playful. I am a Christian and can integrate that in our sessions if requested.

I have experience working with infants and mothers, pregnant women, children & adolescents, young adults, families, couples, and senior citizens 65+. I have experience and training in attachment bonds between caregivers and infants, Art Therapy, Christian Counseling, Domestic Violence, IEP/504, Grief, as well as treatment in diagnoses such as Bipolar Disorder, PTSD, Depression, Postpartum Depression, Anxiety & Adjustment Disorder.

I have a BA degree in Human Development, an MS degree in Counseling Psychology, and in pursuance of a Doctorate degree in Couples and Family Therapy.

I am excited to be part of your journey. I know that together we will make great and beautiful changes.

Currently not accepting new clients