Support Eunice

Hi my name is Eunice I am the founder of New Horizon Counseling Center. I’m a God loving woman, a mother, and a marriage and family therapist. I am here to serve the Lord, and spread his joy by helping make others feel seen, feel included, feel loved, and feel his loving spirit. It’s through your generosity, and my part-time employment that I am able to support myself in order to continue God’s ministry of providing affordable and accessible mental health services for my local community.

The work you see being done at New Horizon Counseling Center (NHCC) is done by volunteers and missionaries who are living off your support. We hope you will consider supporting our team with a one time or a monthly contribution. Your donations allow them to serve the Lord’s mission full-time.

God first .. I feel he guides me to spread his word, and to remind us all he is pure love. The Lord allows me to share his never-ending love through simple acts of kindness. My ministry is all about helping people feel God’s love and presence. I want them to know they are not alone. Show them God is tender, loving, nurturing, merciful, and that he guides his people to find and help others. Through New Horizon Counseling Center we are able to provide mental health services to the local community at a low fee that the family or individual can afford. We never turn anyone down due to their current financial circumstances..

Our ministry also includes providing free art therapy groups for senior citizens, as well as for teenagers at their local schools. We also provide guidance and support for expectant mothers, mothers suffering from postpartum depression, and mothers who are working on strengthening their bond with their new born child. We provide therapy for children of all ages from toddlers, to pre-teens, and young adults. We specialize in couples, and family therapy. We are very passionate about helping to support our underserved, and underrepresented community at every stage of life! We want to reach out and touch as many souls as possible, so we are also hosting an online - FaceBook Live show where we are joined by online members as we spread the word of God to our Spanish speaking communithy. “No Existen Límites Para Quien Tiene Fe En Dios.”

We are very excited for some of our new ministry services that are currently in the works. These services include reaching out to the local women's prisons and providing faith based mental health support and services, learning ASL to begin offering free/low cost services to the deaf and hard of hearing community, plus our Flower Project which provides random acts of kindness to the local community through the wonderful art of floral design.